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Celebrity Chef Carla Hall Is thrilled to serve up authentic Nashville Hot Chicken in Brooklyn, New York. In 2014, Hall launched a Kickstarter campaign to help build the Southern Kitchen and get the community involved. The doors are now open at the Southern Kitchen, where Nashville goodness awaits and southern hospitality is bountiful.

At Carla Hall Hall's Southern Kitchen, you'll find slow-cooked, fast-served food that hugs you. A neighborhood eatery serving up old-fashioned southern goodness. You'll be welcomed like family and soon feel right at home.

Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen is all about its star dish: Hot Chicken. The delicious Nashville staple is a unique and surprising spin on the traditional style Southern Fried Chicken. The Southern Kitchen is defined by wholesome quality, with no detail going unconsidered and no ingredient unloved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carla Hall Frames

Hot Chicken


What is Nashville Hot Chicken? It’s a unique twist on southern fried chicken, traditionally fried in an iron skillet and then tossed in a spicy cayenne paste. Slow brined, brushed with my secret hot oil recipe, and crisped to perfection. You’ll find it served simply, on a slice of white bread with a dill pickle. Oh, and anybody who’s had Nashville Hot Chicken has a #HotChickenFace!

Real Nashville-style Hot Chicken is not just about the heat. It's about the history of a food and a place and a people. It's about a mystery and a mythology just as intoxicating as the food itself. The generally-agreed-upon origin story of Hot Chicken goes something like this: It's the late 1930s, on a farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Thornton Prince III, a handsome, lanky sharecropper's son, comes home late one evening, fresh off painting the town red. His live-in lady-friend can't take it anymore. The next morning she makes him a fried chicken breakfast so cut with cayenne it stains his fingers and torches his tongue. She waits. She braces for confrontation. And then a weird thing happens: he likes it. He loves it, in fact. He loves it so much that he more or less immediately attempts to set about replicating it. Flush with laudatory nods from friends and family, he decided to bring Hot Chicken into the world. (Adapted from The Hot Chicken Cookbook, by Timothy Charles Davis)

Carla Hall Frames

Nashville, Tennessee

Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen is a fast-casual love letter to Nashville, featuring iconic Nashville Hot Chicken and southern sides, anchored by Carla Hall's family recipes and perfected with her personal touches. You'll find slow-cooked, fast-served food that hugs you. A neighborhood eatery serving up old-fashioned southern goodness. We're bringing the full-of-love, southern Nashville goodness to you, and done right!

Music and food both have a way of bringing us together and telling our stories. And in Nashville – Music City – that story often says “welcome” from the first bite. The tradition of hospitality in Nashville extends back to when steamboats chugged along the Cumberland River bringing visitors; when railroad lines came together in the Gulch; and Mercury Coupes and Ford Wagons carried music lovers to the pews of the Ryman Auditorium, a church-turned-music venue, for the Grand Ole Opry. Even further back, Nashvillians like Lucinda “Granny” White served ginger cakes to travelers along a dirt path through Middle Tennessee. Granny White Pike remains today, though paved and four-lane, along with the notion that Nashvillians want you to pause for a moment, enjoy a tune and share a meal. (Adapted from “Nashville Eats”, by Jennifer Justus)

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    Paula Crawford
    Paula Lynn Morrow
    Paula M Clagon
    Paula Maier Schmidt
    Paula Markman
    Paulrob Megvicklevy
    Pearl Gill
    Peter Levin
    Peter Liubicich
    Peter M. Anderson
    Petrina Hollingsworth
    Phil Gautreau
    Phil Lovegrove
    Philip Thompson
    Phyllis A. Simpson
  • Phyllis Rice
    Polly Mott
    Prince & Linda Miller
    Queenie Law
    Queens Of Cuisine - The Alexander Sisters
    Quemella A. Holland
    Quentin Day
    Quetin English
    Quentin Hodges
    Quinn Stroud
    R & R Lanzone
    Rachel & Aaron Lemay
    Rachel Adler And Adam Zalisk
    Rachel Crampsey
    Rachel Jaffe
    Raffaela Fore
    Ramee Family
    Randy Devett-Mckeon
    Ray & Leesa Edwards
    Raymond Hayen
    Raymond Lee
    Raywood Mickles Jr And Amarilys Sanchez
    Rebecca Barrett
    Rebecca Carter
    Rebecca Sweet
  • Rebecca Youngerman
    Reed Dunn
    Regina P. Wade
    Renata Raphael Robertson
    Renee Baron
    Renita L. Collins
    Rex Hammock
    Rhonda & Muhammad
    Rhonda Baxter-Todd
    Rhondalism Strosberg
    Richard Brad Medoff
    Richard Estrada Smith
    Richard Shields
    Richard Smallwood
    Richard Worden
    Rick Hamer
    Riley & Embry Blais
    Rob-Yvonne Washington
    Robbie Mckenna
    Robert And Arlene Levin
    Robert And Nicole Miller
    Robert Giddens
    Robert Lanfrank Jr.
    Robert M. Wohler
    Robert Stewart
    Robert Von Leszczynski
    Robert W Smith
  • Robert W. Zink
    Roberta Edwards
    Robin & Jimmy Wood
    Robin Tittley
    Roble Ali
    Roger Schacht
    Ron Werth Ronald H. Walker
    Rose Mary Pizzo
    Rosemarie Sarmiento
    Rosemarie Zub
    Rosemary Gushue
    Rosie Wright
    Rowena, Eric, Alexander, & Branden Brooks
    Roz Fraraccio
    Ruchi Pinniger
    Rufus R. Little, iii
    Rusty Mccarty& Ted Sayland
    Ryan Scott
    Sadia Ahmed
    Sallie Parkin
    Samantha A. Murray
    Samantha Drazin
    Samantha Lienhop
    Samantha W. Lee
    Sami Shaibani
    Sandee Mae Cabigting
    Sansalone De Almeida Family
    Sapna Doshi
  • Sarah Bernard
    Sarah Kelley Rindfleisch
    Sarah Ruth Pate
    Sarah Tristen Haeck
    Sarah Wolinsky
    Saranah Holmes
    Sari And Derrick Upchurch
    Sasha E. Klumb
    Scott & Colleen Wyllie
    Scott Horowitz
    Scott Shelley
    Scott Toskey
    Scotty Goodwin
    Sean Furman
    Sean Marks
    Seema Talwalker
    Sekiya Sofia
    Seth Goldberger
    Shaista S Kazmi
    Shana Davis & Julie Morris
    Shana L Ervin
    Shannon Grinnan
    Shannon Masterson-Kendrick And Jovonna Palmer
    Shannon Nichole Tate Of Tennessee
    Shannon R. Gaither
    Shannon R. Gaither
    Shaquay Peacock
    Shari Lovett Solomon
  • Shari P. Jimenez
    Shari, Tom, And Marisa Olas
    Sharon Brewster
    Sharon Bzimmerman
    Sharon Chism
    Shayla Renee
    Sheena Pegarido
    Sheila Vish
    Shelby Cohen
    Shellie Howard
    Shelly L Zimmerman
    Sherri Dalphonse
    Sherri Y. Salley
    Sherrie L Davis
    Sherwin Lu
    Shetia Mays Kelty
    Shirley And Mel Bartholow
    Shivanee And Austin
    Shuga Shane
    Siafa Sherman
    Sijara And Louis Pecot
    Solana N. Stokes
    Sonia N. Fritz
    Sonja Roberts
    Sonya Michalowski
    Sookie And Clyde Kunst
    Sophie, Max, Liz, And Ed Frankel
  • Sorab Wadia
    Stacey Brown
    Stephanie Brantner
    Stephanie Forman
    Stephen J. Martin
    Steven Golsch
    Steven Miller
    Stuart Ray, Hhs’82
    Sue Kyung Kim
    Sue Reddel & Diana Laskaris
    Sunil Rajan
    Susan & John Livingston
    Susan Blincoe
    Susan Brown
    Susan Callahan
    Susan Duberstein
    Susan Emerson
    Susan Fox Md
    Susan Guest
    Susan Izora Harris
    Susan Kelly Templin
    Susan Kircher Decker
    Susan Pesznecker
    Susan Rochelle Augustus
    Susan Skaggs
    Susan W Johnson
    Susie Credeur
    Suzannah Kolbeck
  • Suzanne Glickstein
    Suzanne Koch
    Suzze Tiernan
    Sybil Y. Lee
    Sydney S. Taylor
    Syieve Locklair
    Sylvia Houchens
    T. Sanders
    Tabeth Nkangoh
    Taka Bernard
    Talia Epstein + Jon Gersch
    Talia Fernandez
    Talor Bearman
    Tamara Lavern Morgan
    Tambi N. Mccollum
    Tammy Bruzek
    Tammy Laurie Long
    Tanesha M. Boyd
    Tania Howard
    Tania Kehau Cortez-Camero
    Tanya Burton
    Tanya Stewart
    Tara & Adam Cueter
    Tara And Doug Unger
    Tara Lewis
    Tasha & Chris Pinelo
    Tay Mcevers
  • Teamfarren
    Ted Tinling
    Teo Armus-Laski
    Teresa “Sweet T” Caccam
    Teresa Abruzzo
    Teresa Mains
    Terri Jasen
    Terry Luce
    Terry Mcmahan & Rob Pearson
    Terry Monaghan
    Terry Nogast
    Terry Pribble
    Terry Wolf
    Tex Easom
    The Balderree Family 
    The Batts Family
    The Beautiful April Fresh
    The Blomberg Family
    The Boccia Family
    The Chew Script Team: Meg, Kevin & Dan
    The Friedman Family
    The Grider’s: Agnes, Barry, Sydney, And Craig
    The Hale Family
    The Heartbeat Magazine
    The Hemming
    The Hicks Family, Hampton, Ga
    The Hoffman Home
    The Jessees
  • The Judds
    The Kyritz Family
    The Landys
    The Lazar Family
    The Lemons Family
    The Liola Family
    The Lodge At Woodloch
    The Logan Family
    The Moore Family
    The Murtagh Family
    The Sophisticated Life, Llc
    The Tennis Congress
    The Wallersteins
    The Wieder Family
    Theresa Perkins
    Thom Beneke
    Thomas E. Mitchell
    Thompson Hospitality
    Thor Perplies
    Tiffany Craig Herring
    Tiffany M Moore
    Tiffany T. Young-Higgins
    Tiffany Y. Langston
    Tim Burnette
    Tim O’neill
    Timm & Mary Lou Judas
    Timothy T-Bone Huang
    Tina Hu
  • Tina Ross
    Tina Stirpe-Ricciardi
    Tish Scolnik
    Tj And Diane Lea
    Todd Kubicki
    Tonya Figueroa
    Tonya Walker
    Tori Howard
    Tosh G Dewitt
    Tracey Frye
    Tracey Leibowitz
    Traci Thompson-Cage
    Tracy Atkins
    Tracy, Tony & Isabella Zigman
    Travis Schneider
    Trevis Young
    Trevor & Alia Goodyear
    Trevor Rand
    Trisha Brown
    Troy A. Williams
    Trudy Morris Walker
    Tuffin Mop
    Ty Cauble
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    Tyler Pinniger
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  • Una Corbett-Taylor
    Uncle Brian Sir
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    Verlette Simon
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    Veronica Eady
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    Victoria Pickering
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