The Best Way To Fry An Egg

The best way to fry an egg, there are many ways to do this, but all will result in a delicious, fluffy egg. You can use butter, olive oil, or bacon grease to fry your egg, and you can add salt and pepper to taste. The best way to ensure that your egg is cooked evenly is to use a nonstick skillet and cook it over low heat. Start by heating your skillet on low heat. Add the fat of your choice to the pan, then crack in the egg. Let it cook for about two minutes on one side and flip it over with a spatula. Cook for an additional two minutes until both sides are cooked evenly. Serve and enjoy!

You can also make scrambled eggs by following a similar process.

Start with heating the pan and add your fat of choice to the skillet. Crack in two or three eggs then uses a spatula to move them around the pan until they are cooked through. Add salt and pepper and any other ingredients you like to make it more flavorful. Serve immediately when ready!

No matter which way you choose to fry your egg, it is important to make sure that the pan is not too hot, or else it can burn.

Also, be sure to use quality eggs and enough fat for a delicious meal. With just a few simple steps, you can prepare a tasty egg in no time!

Happy cooking!

Bonus Tip: Use a lid to help the eggs cook faster and more evenly. This will also help keep splatter off your stovetop!

Agnes Pettiford

Agnes Pettiford

Hi Everyone! I am Agnes and Chef Carla Hall is my inspiration. For many years, now I have watched her make incredible meals out of the ordinary ingredients I have had in my refrigerator for so long. She calls it cooking with love and I could see were skills and culinary knowledge and experience.

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