Tips To Have Delicious Smoked Chicken

The idea of smoking a whole chicken might get you up in your sit and pacing around the room. Relax, do not be afraid because I am here to show you how. It is a fact that most people avoid smoking a whole chicken because it is perceived as not worth the laborious work and it’s difficult. But that is just not true. I guarantee that you won’t be needing a shovel and boots when working through this recipe. So consider buying a smoker as an investment.

Part of the exciting moments while growing up was the sight of someone knocking at your door during the holidays carrying a smoked chicken wrapped in a foil pan. The reason being, nothing on the dining table compares to the succulent smoked chicken, right from the crispy skin to the juicy flesh.

Investing in a high-quality smoker is also a must as the quality of the smoker that you will use can make or break your smoked chicken. You can choose from the different types of smokers in the market. Look at the features of the smokers that suits your preference.

Rubbing spices and herbs
Before smoking your bird, whole or in pieces, you will need to prepare the right seasoning to fully bring out the flavor of your smoked bird. In this article, we are going to call it a rub. A rub is a combination of spices and herbs applied on the surface of your bird before smoking it out.

How to rub a chicken
Careful handling of a raw chicken is always recommended. Do not use your bare hands while rubbing the chicken to avoid contaminating the seasoning. Instead, use a spoon to scoop the seasoning from the jar as you rub it onto the chicken.

Evenly coat the chicken with seasoning. A half tablespoon is enough to rub a medium chicken. Place your kitchen in the refrigerator for an hour to allow the seasoning to dissolve.

Cooking a smoked chicken
You will have to decide first what smoked chicken recipe you will cook. You will also have to decide on the herbs you are going to use as seasoning. There seems to be no limits when it comes to herbs that go well with smoked chicken.

Below are some of the best smoked chicken herb recipes you might want to use:
Spice rubbed grilled chicken recipe
This recipe combines the brightness of paprika and the heat of ground chili to give your chicken a red color that eventually turns brown when cooked. It is combined with a sweet glaze which maximizes the flavor of the chicken. Although it is agreed that this recipe is great for a grilled chicken, it also conventionally agreed that it works great with a smoked chicken.

· 1 tablespoon paprika
· 1 tablespoon chili powder
· 1 tablespoon ground thyme
· 1 tablespoon cumin
· tablespoon ground pepper.

For the glaze
· 1 tablespoon of honey
· 2 tablespoons of vinegar

1. Place your spices in a bowl, stir to mix.
2. Seal them in an airtight container until ready to use.
3. As for the glaze, prepare it just before the chicken is ready. Prepare it by mixing the vinegar and honeyin a bowl. Brush it on to the chicken.

Ready to apply these tips? Prepare now your smoking essentials and enjoy your smoked chicken.

Agnes Pettiford

Agnes Pettiford

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